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You need to have “ihsan”, which means doing good deeds according to the best of your capability (ahsanu ‘amalaa). Allah does not expect from you least but He wants you to be excellent! Know that Allah did not create you to be in on the earth but to be in Paradise. Allah is able to grant everyone of us Paradise but it is His Hikmah (Wisdom) that He created Adam (alayhis salam) to life and then from him, He created all of us as his off-springs and put all of us through tests and trials so that only those among us who do “ahsanu amalaa” (deeds in excellence) would receive the ultimate reward, Al Jannah .Do ahsanu ‘amalaa (excellent deeds) with everyone and everywhere and at every time…Whether you are in the house, outside the house, with your husband, with your children, with your family or with your parents-in-law. Doing ihsan does not mean that we do good only to those who do good for us. Ihsan is dealing in the best manner with everyone whether they do good to you or not.

Throne of Allah. Living in the neighborhood with Allah is the greatest and highest reward and pleasure. You will enjoy starring at the beautiful Face of Allah, the Most Honorable and Most Majestic. You will enjoy hearing Allah, and you will enjoy the company of the people you will accompany. There is no delight and joy in this world compared to the enjoyment of Paradise. This is what the Muslim wives should sincerely desire. To be in a marriage or to be a wife is a blessing from Allah.

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