Printable Arabic Letter “Baa” Workbook

Letter of the week – Baa workbook is a fun and effective way of introducing the Arabic letter Baa to your preschooler or kindergartener whether you prefer a letter a week approach or not. It focuses on letter recognition, letter formation, beginning letter sound, and vocabulary – all of this while your little one is having some fun!

I didn’t have any creative online resources when I was teaching my older child Arabic during her preschool age. It was pretty simple back then – handmade flash cards and handmade worksheets. For my younger child I decided to make something creative as well as something systematic. I was so excited on completion of this workbook that I printed it out immediately few pages that I know he could do. He loved doing the collage on his favorite letter (Baa) as well as finger painting. He was so happy to be “working” on something like his big sister. This was his first workbook after all. Alhamdulillah for one happy and playful afternoon.

Download FREE Arabic letter “Baa” Workbook

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  1. AMINAH March 26, 2019

    What age did you start using this?


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