Colourful Printable Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards

I can’t tell you how much my little boy loves these colourful alphabet flashcards. They are attractive and neat. I haven’t printed them out yet, he just loves to see and learn them on my iPad (for a very limited time!). He is not very good at handling things (boy afterall!) so I’m kinda going easy on printing it at the moment. But I can’t wait to hang these adorable flashcards on our wall with some strings and clothespin, probably somewhere high up so his little hands can’t reach 😉

These Arabic alphabet flash cards are truly one of your first resources to teach Arabic to your child. I hope your child loves it just as mine.

Download Printable Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards For Free

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  1. Nassima January 14, 2020

    I absolutely love these cards, what app or software you used to design these?
    Thinking of ‘Paint’ that comes with Windows Microsoft ! ^_^


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