Dhul Hijjah Journal for Kids (Free Printable)

With this journal I intend to introduce my older child who just turned seven all about Dhul Hijjah, Hajj, Ka’bah, sacrifice and all other lessons and beliefs of Islam connected with this season of worship. I didn’t wanted to overwhelm her with lots of details that will not be beneficial to her at the moment. So, my approach with this journal was to avoid Fiqhi issues (of Hajj) and only expose her to that which would enrich her with lessons that she can relate to and strengthen her ‘Aqeedah as well as Imaan.

In this journal, your child will…


•  Learn the virtues of first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.
•  Find motivation to increase good deeds during these ten best days.
•  Identify Hajj as a pillar of Islam.
•  Learn briefly about the rituals of Hajj and be able to sequence the steps along with the wisdom behind every ritual.
•  Identify the places that are visited during the Hajj by looking at the pictures in the journal and learn vocabulary pertaining to Hajj.
•  Read and take lessons from the story of Zam Zam and the story of Prophet Ibraheem’s (alayhi as-salaam) willingness to sacrifice his son.
•  Take a closer look at the structure of Ka’bah, learn and identify various parts of the Ka’bah.
•  Read and take lessons for life from the Farewell Khutbah of the Prophet Muhammed (sal-Allahu alayhi wa sallam).
•  Learn about the days of Tashreeq and what should be done in those days.
•  Learn about the virtues of day of Arafah and practical tips to spend the day of Arafah.
•  Learn about the Sunnahs of celebrating Eid.
I pray that insha’Allah this journal benefits your family.

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