Who was… Khadijah? E-book

As my daughter (then in 1st grade) began to read independently, she began to show interest in the books that I had on my shelf. “Mumma…I want to read ‘Great Women of Islam’, can I read it?”, she asked. I was happy to see her interested in such books but I wasn’t sure if she would be able to keep up with the grownups book. We started to read together about Khadijah (radi-Allahu anha) for a couple of days. She listened with all her attention. But we couldn’t go very far as the vocabulary was far too advanced for her as well as some of the concepts. However, she seemed to be still excited and interested in reading about the great mother of believers. That is when I decided to make for her her own book about Khadijah that she could easily read, understand, learn from, enjoy and appreciate.

InshaAllah, I intend to make more books of leading Sahabah and Sahabiyat in future, may Allah make it easy. This is why I call it a ‘Who was…?’ series. This series is targeted towards young children above seven years. The glorious lives of these personalities should be simple to understand for the young children so that they can appreciate the way they led their noble lives, the contributions that they made to Islam and how it all had a long lasting impact on Muslims. Most importantly, the books should show the tender hearts how these Sahabah were successful in pleasing their Lord so that there may arise in their hearts the desire to follow their blessed footsteps – inshaAllah.

If you do not have a tradition in your home to read books out loud together, then you should make one soon. It is a beautiful opportunity to bond with each other, have discussions, share ideas and feelings, teach and learn from each other, develop a love for reading and earn rewards when done for the sake of Allah! It especially becomes all more rewarding and meaningful when you are reading Islamic books.

Although this is a e-book, I personally like to get it printed out so that I can hold the book in my hands rather than my laptop or ipad (it’s just more traditional, natural and engaging!). So, the choice is yours!

Oh yes, another tip for a mother on budget like myself… I print only the cover page of e-books in colour that have many pages and the rest of it goes black and white. This way the book still looks attractive to kids (and to me as well) while I save on the unnecessary costs (I don’t have a printer yet).

I pray that your children enjoy and benefit from the book.

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