I’m super excited to share this awesome daily journal with you for your tweens. I’m so sure they are going to love it because my daughter totally does! Who won’t!? We have always enjoyed journaling of all kinds. Insha’Allah I plan to share them with you all one day. So, if your child loves planning, organizing, doodling, or if you want them to keep a journal but not sure how to begin then this Daily Journal for Muslim Tweens is perrrrfect Alhamdulillah.

The great thing about this journal is that it is created especially keeping a Muslim child’s daily life in mind. It helps them build good habits and to be regular in their obligatory duties such as prayer (Salah), reading the Quran, being grateful to Allah,and so on. It encourages them to be reflective and mindful of their day – a habit that is particularly crucial for a young Muslim to develop. This  journal will also help them record their ideas, set and achieve their daily goals, to be creative, search for and reflect on an ayah everyday, keep their thoughts organized, record their sleeping schedule, track their health and much more.

Now, let me talk a little about the self-care section. Self-care is defined as any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. As a Muslim, this is required of us as we know that our body is an amanah from Allah. And taking care of it is important in order for us to be in the best state so we can serve the purpose of our life each day effectively. Self-care can encourage them to slow down a little in this crazy and fast world and appreciate the little joys that Allah has blessed them with. And as they grow into teenagers and even adults they will know how to manage stress and deal with anxiety. Now, a Muslim’s perspective of self care is not exactly the same as others. Our intention is not the same. Neither our means are the same. For Muslims, the best self care can be offering prayers mindfully, reciting or listening to the Quran, glorifying Allah (tasbeeh) consciously, and so on. Allah says, “Indeed, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest,” (13:28) – that’s the ultimate self-care. However, our growing kids can also indulge in other permissible (halal) activities which relaxes them, as long as it is within the boundaries of shari’ah and does not distract them from their obligatory duties. You may realise that they indulge in self-care all the time! However, most of the time it isn’t done purposefully . When consciously done, it fosters appreciation and makes them satisfied a lot more even if they do a short and simple activity. So, let’s look at some good self-care examples. 

Listen to a slow Qur’an recitation mindfully

Offer extra prayers such as Duha and Tahajjud.

Come early on the prayer mat before adhaan and spend some time remembering Allah

Say various tasbeeh (know its virtues and rewards)

Make du’aa privately and sincerely, empty your heart to Him, ask Him for your needs

Read a heart softening Islamic book (such as Ranks Of The Fearful, Seeds Of Admonishment and Reform, etc.)

Walk in the nature (admire Allah’s creation, ponder over Jannah)

Play with a pet


Do gardening (wonder how Allah gives life to everything)

Light a scented candle (remember, our Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam loved perfume too!)

Help someone (seeking Allah’s pleasure. And know that you’re actually helping yourself)

Spend time offline

Play with a younger sibling, read aloud a book, care and cuddle

Put your head down in mom’s laps and chat with her

Make a DIY gift or card for dad to appreciate his hard work

Give something beneficial as charity

Have a cup of hot chocolate

I really hope your tweens enjoy this daily journal and that it helps them to become amazing individuals inshaAllah.

Download ‘Daily Journal for Muslim Tweens’

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1 year ago

as salaam sis, all your resources are just tooo AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing…May Allah swt shower his blessings and love upon you and your love ones Always . Aameen

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