This booklet titled ‘The Names, Attributes and Actions of Allah in Juzz One” takes a unique approach than the more common one in understanding the Names of Allah, which is learning the Names of Allah independently and in isolation. In such a study the format is usually that you choose a name, read the explanation about it, and read an ayah or two from the Quran containing that particular Name of Allah or the hadeeth.

Here in this booklet the approach is reversed. You understand the Names of Allah from the Quran as and when they appear. The result is more comprehensive and thought provoking. It trains you to ponder over the ayahs of the Quran and the Names of Allah whenever you read the Quran. For example, why did Allah choose His Name Al Hakeem in this ayah? Or how does this ayah prove that Allah is Al Wadood since He mentioned it at the end of this ayah. Although both the approaches are beneficial and good, I’m grateful to my Ustaadha for teaching me them in this way.

Almost all of the explanations in this booklet has been taken from ‘Tafseer As-Sa’adi’. I’m planning to go through this booklet with my daughter inshaAllah although I didn’t primarily write it for younger children. I pray that this booklet adds to your knowledge and benefits you and your family. All the goodness is from Allah Alone and any mistakes are all from myself. May Allah accept this from me and reward all of us including my very beloved Ustaadha. Ameen.

Download ‘The Names, Attributes and Actions of Allah in Juzz One’

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