I’m sharing two sets of Number flash cards (1 to 5) that I designed for my preschooler. After I designed the first one with the dessert theme it hit me that it is very ‘girlish’ for a boy as well as ‘unhealthy’ (flash cards can be unhealthy?). So I decided to make another one which would make a little boy more excited. And then I thought about the nature theme. After all things that crawled, fluttered, and glided was more fun (although not yummier) than the dessert theme.

So here you go… I put both the Dessert theme and the Nature theme for you to choose. You may want to print it out on a hard paper insha’Allah for better quality and sturdiness. You may also laminate it especially if you have younger kids in line who would use it later on insha’Allah.

You can use these as flash cards or staple it or ribbon it into a little book.

Download Number Flash Cards Dessert Theme

Download Number Flash Cards Nature Theme

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