A pleasant morning for me is when every one at home starts the day with Fajr together and we all are prepared to start our day calmly. And that happens when kids do their morning business without being repeatedly yelled begged told to do so. Sadly, our children do not know how much we mothers yearn for a pleasant morning. They will never understand how we mothers feel so serene when we do not have to tell each and every thing that needs to be done a dozen of times, especially in the morning. So, here is a way to get things done. I made this cute, pretty and fancy morning chart for my elder one. She loves printables and charts and so she is very excited about this one. Like mother, like daughter!

I really believe that this chart will motivate her to go through her morning routine on her own. Soon, she will feel the delight of doing things independently and the peace of someone not hovering over her telling her to do this and do that. This will encourage her to continue following her morning routine chart, inshaAllah.

Do note that I have included praying Fajr in the chart. If your child is too young to pray Fajr on its proper time or misses his/ her Fajr on its times then you should encourage him or her to pray it as soon as they wake up rather than not praying it at all.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Whoever forgets a prayer or sleeps and misses it, let him offer it as soon as he remembers, for there is no expiation for it other than that.” (Muslim)

I have designed the chart for both homeschool and school going children. Pick yours. May Allah bless our each and every morning. Ameen.

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M Yasmeen
M Yasmeen
1 year ago

Masha Allah I very happy to discover this site….Alhamdulillah

1 year ago

Love thisss JazakaAllah khair!!

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