I try to find various interesting ways to connect my child to the Quran. This ‘A-Z Quran verses’ is one of them. I have carefully chosen words and ayahs which will benefit children in knowing more about their religion as well as the commandments of Allah.

Although the title “A-Z….” gives you an impression that it’s something for the kindergarteners, it’s actually for older children who can fluently read, understand and memorise the ayahs.

How to use it?

  • Take a print out.
  • Hang it/ stick it/ pin it/ frame it where your child can see it throughout the day. Classroom teachers can use this too. The other way for teachers to do it is by turning it into a classroom project. Each group of students can be assigned to do a set of few letters on a large chart paper.
  • Point out each letter and the word it represents. For example, B is for Believers… or L is for Lord. This will assist them in remembering the ayahs.
  • You can break it up into a small daily lesson by going through one letter each day. So, on the first day you tell your child A is for Allah, read the ayah, simplify it for them, see if you can do the tafseer as well with the help of qtafsir.com for example., help them memorise the ayah in English and if you want to go a step further you can help the child memorise it in Arabic too.
  • Test their skills! On completing all the letters, you can play a little game. Pick any letter and ask them if they remember the ayah. This activity will be great for groups as well.

Download ‘A-Z Quranic ayahs for children’

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