Arabic reading and writing goes hand in hand. My 8 year old daughter is learning to be fluent in reading Arabic from Mushaf and can write simple words and phrases. She completed the ‘Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy’ by Dr. Bilal Philips last year. For this year, I wanted her to continue practicing Arabic writing but just couldn’t find a suitable book. I found ‘Scribe’ by Learning Roots and I put it in my books wish list but my budget for the curriculum did not allow me to buy it. I have seen the book roughly and Alhamdulillah it explains some writing rules if I remember well.

Then, I decided to make my own Arabic writing practice book for my eight year old. There are 32 lessons in all, with one ayah for every school day. I like to keep it little but consistent. Please note that there are no “lessons” or writing rules explained in the book. It’s just a practice book where students copy the ayah everyday. So, your child or student can only benefit from this book if he or she has learnt some basic writing rules earlier. If it is your first time introducing Arabic writing to your children then I highly recommend Dr. Bilal Philip’s book that I mentioned earlier.

The fonts in this Arabic Writing Practice book are big and clear to understand with proper vowels which makes it easier for the children to follow. At the end of the book is a practice page of which you can make multiple prints. Sometimes, the student will need to practice the ayah more than once. At the end of every week, I would recommend giving the students a small test so you can know their weakness and work upon it. I like to test my daughter with just one ayah that I choose from the week she has been doing.

I pray you find it beneficial inshaAllah.



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Abbas Hamza
Abbas Hamza
2 years ago

this what i was looking for for a while a complete sentence with ‘Tanween’ so my little one can read as it is difficult for them to read without Tanween .
Jazak Allah Khair and keep up the good work

1 year ago

How did you make the book? Which app you used ?

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