The Quran is rich with stories of Prophets and people of past. Teaching stories from Quran to children is a capturing way to connect young hearts to the Book of Allah. There are many authentic books Alhamdulillah that narrate the stories of Prophets mentioned in the Quran. That is why in these ‘Stories from Quran’ e-books I have selected stories that are not popular among children yet they introduce deep and important lessons for life. I hope that one day they will share how these stories made an impact on their hearts and how these lessons reformed their Islamic personality.

So far, Alhamdulillah I have made 3 e-books with following titles:

1. Sabbath.
2. Companions of the garden.
3. Companions of the ditch.

Each story is included with follow-up activities to make sure that children have understood the purpose and lessons behind the stories and how they may relate and apply it in their own personal lives.

The age range for these books would be 7+ insha’Allah, however for ‘Companions of the ditch’ 8 will be a more appropriate age.

Before reading or teaching stories from Quran to our children we must make the following basic points:

1. The stories from Quran are true, including each and every detail mentioned therein.
2. Believing in them completely is part of our faith.
3. Allah The All Wise has revealed them for the purpose of learning lessons.

If Allah wills, I would love to add more titles to this series in future.

Download ‘Sabbath’

Download ‘Companions of the garden’

Download ‘Companions of the ditch’

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Nejuma Reshid
Nejuma Reshid
1 year ago

Assalamu aleykum war wb sister jzakillahu kheyran for creating this website, we really need something like this. Am from Australia, a mother of three under 4 yrs. My first child started kindergarten this year but i am interested in homeschooling her, so i came across your website while i was searching for Arabic Alphabets for my toddler. both my children seemed to love learning and my oldest one is already reading level three (grade 3) and writing too. she is also reading qura’an very well. So sister the reason i am telling you a little about my children is that,… Read more »

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed
11 months ago

Assalamu Alaiki Sister Ummi

You have a wonderful heart, for providing these rich content for our Muslim children all for free . May Allah reward you abundantly. I have shared with quite a number of people and Insha Allah , we will all benefit from your generosity.

9 months ago

jazakillahu khayran, sister.

5 months ago

Many prayers for your dear we really loved the stories printed and now using all of them hoping to get more in-shaa’Allah

Abu Asiya
Abu Asiya
5 months ago

MashAllah! Amazing resources. JazakAllah khayr for sharing. May Allah continue to bless it.

Wahidha Ismail
Wahidha Ismail
4 months ago

Jazakallahu kairan kaseera for this wonderful work you do. May Allah reward you profoundly. You are really generous in sharing your pdf for free.

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