These printable posters are short overview introduction of the Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them all. Let your children meet over 60 Sahaba, each having a unique quality and character. They will be amazed to see how some Sahaba were slaves, mothers, children of the staunchest enemies of Islam, and children as young as ten years old – all of whom earned the great honour of being the companions of the Final Messenger!

These posters can be used in plethora of ways, whether working with children at home or a classroom.

Make it fun by playing the ‘Guess who?’ game with family, friends or students.

These poster cards are great for sparking children’s interest in Islamic history and personalities. Older children can pick one Sahabi a week and deepen their knowledge with the help of a supplementary book to learn more about the Sahabi. Darussalam has many great books on the biographies of the companions of the Prophet (sal-Allahu alayhi wa sallam).
Honestly, these poster cards killed my long lived guilt about my children knowing more names of the cartoon characters than the honourable Islamic heroes.

You will have your children and students memorising the names and qualities of Sahaba in no time inshaAllah along with love and respect for them in their hearts and a desire to follow their example.

Begin using the poster cards by first defining the term Sahaba (plural of Sahabi).

Definition of a Sahabi (Companion)
The scholars consider a Sahabi as someone who fulfils the following conditions:

1. That they met (came into physical proximity) of the Prophet ﷺ in this world
2. That they were Muslim when they met the Prophet ﷺ
3. That the meeting was after the Prophet ﷺ received Prophethood
4. That they died upon Islam
May Allah give us and our children the tawfeeq to follow the example of the Sahaba and grant us all their noble company in Paradise, Ameen.

Download ’63 Sahaba Poster Cards’

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Highly helpful educational tools for the children to make them familiar with the Islamic history.


Highly useful for educating children to make them familiar with the islamic history.

Um Hadiyah
Um Hadiyah
2 years ago

Assalaamu alaikum, firstly may Allah honour and reward your creativity mashaAllah and secondly jazzakhallahu khayr for sharing these wonderful and most needed resources ameen. They are simply just beautiful mashaAllah and will make learning such important knowledge fun and memorable.

Sara Bhatti
2 years ago

السلام عليكم
This is great jzk.

Is this available with a white background?
Justi to save on colour printing.

Much appreciated

2 years ago

I Think More this type of poster we need for sharing with others.
Visual Contents Attract more thn txt .
i will share these poster with Bangladeshi Muslim Brothers and sister In Sha Allah.

Zara Ansari
Zara Ansari
2 years ago

MashaAllah what a knowledgeable, easiest description and such an amazing outcome for my son!! Thank you so much for such a great gift!! Alhumdulillah

Abu Ruqayya
Abu Ruqayya
2 years ago

Absoutely LOVE this. Was hoping to use this as part of a Superhero Sahabah Series. Is it possible to get the poster cards in black and white so shildren can colour them in as an activity?

Minnat-Allah Aboul-Ella

AA Dear sister, I cannot find a downloadable link to this post? Please help

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