I had made this journal for my seven year old child to introduce her to the topics surrounding the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. A younger child can use it too insha’Allah and understand most of the content.

In this journal, your child will…

•  Learn the virtues of first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.
•  Find motivation to increase good deeds during these ten best days.
•  Identify Hajj as a pillar of Islam.
•  Learn briefly about the rituals of Hajj and be able to sequence the steps along with the wisdom behind every ritual.
•  Identify the places that are visited during the Hajj by looking at the pictures in the journal and learn vocabulary pertaining to Hajj.
•  Read and take lessons from the story of Zam Zam and the story of Prophet Ibraheem’s (alayhi as-salaam) willingness to sacrifice his son.
•  Take a closer look at the structure of Ka’bah, learn and identify various parts of the Ka’bah.
•  Read and take lessons for life from the Farewell Khutbah of the Prophet Muhammed (sal-Allahu alayhi wa sallam).
•  Learn about the days of Tashreeq and what should be done in those days.
•  Learn about the virtues of day of Arafah and practical tips to spend the day of Arafah.
•  Learn about the Sunnahs of celebrating Eid.
I pray that insha’Allah this journal benefits your family.

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1 year ago

Mashallah it’s so good for children

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