This Quran Vocabulary Booklet is made to introduce children to Arabic words from the Quran. It is intended for children who can read Arabic. This is especially beneficial for children learning Arabic grammar. As with any new language, vocabulary is crucial.

Most of the words chosen in this booklet appear frequently in the Quran. Some words may not be very common. However, they are important to know. It is designed in a simple way to make teaching easy for parents and teachers. The booklet contains list of vocabulary words for 32 weeks. Each week contains seven words.

I leave it on the parents and teachers to figure out how this booklet can be used with their children/ classroom. There are many ways of going through it.

The way I plan to do it with my daughter (who is nine yrs old Alhamdulillah) is inshaAllah to introduce all the words of the week at once on the first weekday. Then, pin the sheet on our board. We will go through all the words every day for the rest of the week with an oral assessment at the end of the week to see if she remembers them. As a reinforcement, we will read the Quran extra closely to see if we come across our vocabulary words and if we remember what they mean.

On completion of this book inshaAllah our children will know the meaning of almost 300 words from the Quran!

Note: Alhamdulillah this booklet has been reviewed by an ‘Aalim whose speciality is Arabic language.

Download ‘Quran Vocabulary Booklet’

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3 months ago

Thank you so much for this incredible resource! My husband shared it with my family and community and I am printing it out happily

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