With summer showing up, a lot of families will be enjoying beach Alhamdulillah. Our kids love nothing more than a day at beach. But since it’s not completely pleasant to sit under the Arabian sun in the summer we will keep the beach waiting for us until later. For all those who can enjoy the sea side this season I’m sharing the little book “Pondering over the Quran at the seashore” (that we actually used it in winter)!


What’s this book about?

I made this book for a field trip to the beach when my second grader was learning about the sea shore.

The book “Pondering over the Quran on the Seashore” is a collection of some of the ayaat (verses) of Quran related to the sea. Each ayah is pondered upon in a simple yet enlightening manner for young children (as well as grown ups). You will also find inside some activities to keep children engaged with the topic.

Who is this book for?

I believe children as young as four can benefit from the book (not entirely though) with the help of their parents. Although this book was intended for my girl, I happened to enjoy it more than she did. I’m sure that you as an adult will find the ayahs of Quran in the book to be mesmerising too, InshaAllah.

Homeschooling mothers and teachers can use this book to islamize geography lessons such as landforms and plan a field trip to the sea shore.

When going to the beach remember to…

1. Get a print out of this book (one for each child) and bind it/ staple it.

2. Take along writing and drawing materials.

3. A clipboard to hold the pages of the book together. It can get quite windy on the beach.

4. Recording of the Quran to play the ayaat mentioned in the book (optional).

Make sure that you allow the children to first enjoy the beach until they are satisfied and calm enough to read and ponder over the Quran. Don’t do the book as the first thing unless your child demands it.

I pray that you and your children have a safe and blessed trip to the sea shore. May Allah make us and our children among those who ponder over His ayaat and remember Him often.



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